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Let's improve the socity to the next level

     Inspired by the social movements of the past and still present, such as GreenPeace and The Venus Project, EducaInova came also to try to make a difference. Quickly this singular moment can get evolve into a stronger movement. It's up to us. Our Movement for Education challenges the status quo, holding our leaders accountable and fighting for solutions that will truly transform society.

     This project consists of creating an intelligent, ecological, autonomous and self-sustainable school farm. With the advent of the so-called Smart Cities, the idea is to create a model aimed at education and replicate it, not only for other cities and states, but for the whole countries, trying to solve problems of poverty and social inequality around the world.

     The idea is ambitious in the long term, but first there is a need to develop the first city (pilot project). The big challenge besides raising financial resources is about the human resources necessary for the proper functioning of this smart city model. After all, everyone must live in this city (teachers, collaborators, students and, in some cases, the students' parents). The structure consists of individual houses for educators and collaborators. Dorms and accommodation for students. Modern classrooms and research laboratories. Large area for plantations divided into 12 sections representing monthly harvests for own consumption. Small livestock for cheese and egg production and a pond for fish farming. In addition to the mandatory curriculum, extracurricular classes in astronomy, programming and robotics, plastic arts (drawing, painting and creations), music (learning theory and practice with various instruments), agronomy, sustainability, cooking, intellectual and physical sports and much more. 

     It is a mixed project: social in nature with a profit-making purpose, aiming at a self-sustainability economy . Although this project has a social nature, it is by no means non-profit, the social side gains from quality education for every one immersed in high technology with a rewards program and investors gain from the appreciation and performance of cities over time. All this will be possible through the proper distribution of tokens (cryptocurrency) offered by the organization. This tokens will have the name of INOVA (BSC) distributed according to the description of the tokenomics. 

     Pilot require: Large area of ​​land close to a source of running and drinking water. Installations of wind turbines and solar panels to support the entire complex. Production of quality food for all in abundance. High quality technological equipment and humans to human beings.


Raise funds and get team engagement.

Acquiring a land near a water source, the construction begins with some houses, wind turbines and solar panels installations, preparation of land with irrigation system and logistic planting for the 12 months of the year for at least a 1000 people. All production surplus, one part will be sold and another will be given.

It will start construction of facilities such as dormitories, kitchen and cafeteria, classrooms, laboratories, sports gym and the rest of houses. 

Student selection, implementation of the educational metaverse and final adjustments.

Lauch of the marketplace with NFTs of students with graphic arts, music and various products.




     There are 9876543210 tokens that represent every human being on the planet. It will need to hold at least 1 token to be part of the team when the project is advanced and spreaded around the world.

It's important to emphasize that the team must live in the smart cities collaborating directly with the project. There will be reward programs. 

     Half of the total supply will be allocated to investors and the other half distributed among students and team, who live collaborating directly with the project. 10% of each half (20% of total supply)  will be used for marketing. It should be noted that tokens can be used by companies in order to finance, for example, holidays and vacations of their employees, according to our availability. After all, we will maintain an entertainment and leisure structure similar to a small resort providing a unique experience for tourism in an ecological and self-sustainable city.

     Be prepared! EducaInova is a movement dedicated to seeking a better future for everyone. 

     Crowdfunding with ¼ of total supply: 

Wallet address on BSC: 0x4e2325D6981D567216C6654Ee0AF71fa8b5B639D 1 INOVA = 0.005 USDT or BUSD

Final considerations 

     This education model has extraordinary potential in every way. Young people will become much more educated and enlightened, acquiring vast technical and scientific knowledge. In this way, they will be much more prepared to face the job market or continue their studies at universities or even become future member of the Educainova team.

     It is possible that, over time, several projects and scientific discoveries are achieved within the organization, due to research and development of solutions applicable to the real world that will be widely encouraged in each discipline.

     In addition, Educainova's marketplace will feature several of its own products, made by the organization itself and also by the students. All this adding even more value to the project.